Don’t have an online-shop yet?

An online shop can help you get more customers, more sales, more convenience and a favourable perception from satisfied customers. Benefits include:

  • Convenience for your customers; your busy corporate customers can avoid Lagos traffic by easily browsing your online catalogue or placing orders from the convenience of their office at any time of the day.
  • Automate your business: whilst you are having an evening off or even sleeping, your online shop can maintain brand awareness, process several orders and generate sales and revenue for your business.
  • Attract more customers from any part of the country or the globe.
  • Your online shop is a catalogue for your customers and also a standard website with regular pages e.g. About Us, Management, Contact us, etc
  • Save money from renting high street premises and staff over-heads especially if you’re just starting your business.
  • Receive payment quickly: Customers can make online secure payments smoothly and quickly and even track their orders online.

WebShop-Interswitch Webpay Bundle

Webshop from Morberg Solutions is a fully-featured shopping cart solution that contains everything you need to succeed online. It is a complete website (i.e. what your customers or site visitors see) and also a very powerful business software i.e. (this is the section that only you or anyone you authorize will see)

Interswitch Nigeria Limited,  an electronic transaction switching and payment processing company has developed an online payment gateway known as WebPAY which connects to merchant websites to facilitate the payment for goods and services using debit cards issued by member banks on the InterSwitch network.

Morberg Solutions and Interswitch have partnered to offer the first and most affordable TOTAL E-COMMERCE SOLUTION for small businesses in Nigeria for only N250,000.00. A standard Webshop site now comes pre-bundled and fully integrated with Interswitch’s Webpay. For only N250k, you can start selling online within a few days. (usually valued at around N300k-N500k)

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