The Challenge

It’s difficult to efficiently connect all the dots in your channel marketing program. Managing multiple different software vendors can prove to be challenging and can cause marketing to get lost in the shuffle. How can you ensure that all facets of your sales process – marketing agency, channel partners, channel sales people – are all on the same page, delivering the same sales messages?

The Morberg Solutions  Solution

A versatile global channel marketing automation platform, StructuredWeb gives you the powerful tools you need to fully integrate your entire marketing effort.  It provides complete, ready-to-go campaigns with more than fifteen powerful, multi-touch marketing tools, including inbound, social, email, digital advertising (AdWords, Retargeting), content syndication, webinars, direct mail and more. It ensures that partners will simply have to select the campaign to run, and it will automatically co-brand and customize the marketing collateral to create a collaborative and scalable marketing campaign.

The SaaS platform also provides sophisticated metrics with a real-time view of your channel marketing performance. With that information you can quickly and easily analyze aggregated data, measure partner performance, optimize campaigns and leverage closed-loop reports to see how well your
marketing dollars are generating sales. It’s the only channel marketing platform with all the tools you need to effectively collaborate with partners and drive scalable demand through channel marketing programs.

The Morberg Solutions Benefits

  • Marketing Concierge Services. Morberg Solutions ’’s Marketing Concierge Service takes an unparalleled approach to partner participation by empowering you to deploy campaigns on any given partner’s (or groups of partners’) behalf.
  • Drive demand. Implement powerful and effective channel marketing programs that help your partners generate leads and grow your channel pipeline.
  • Increase conversions. Help your partners succeed with the best lead nurturing programs and get the most productivity from your partner marketing activities.
  • Optimize partner performance. Aggregate data to analyze partner performance, optimize campaigns and maximize your marketing return on investment.

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