Enterprise Content Management System that empowers building online Newspapers, Magazines,Blogetc

Content Management Solution for dynamic websites

NewsPublisher is a world class Content Management Solution that can be used to build and maintain highly interactive websites with high volume of content e.g.  Articles, blogs, news and other resources and content that needs frequent updates.

NewsPublisher is ideal for building and managing an online newspaper, magazine, church website and any other website rich in content that will be updated regularly.

NewsPublisher is completely browser based (i.e. all you need is a computer with an internet connection), there’s nothing to install on your computer(s)

NewsPublisher consists of two sections i.e. the Public Area (this is the actual website) and the Control Panel (an online administrative section).

Publish Websites Fast.

NewsPublisher makes it easy to publish websites fast. Notable features include:

Completely browser based
Scales to handle thousands of content items
Multi-user and author support with groups and permissions
Includes dozens of professionally designed templates
One click integration of Google Adsense ads
and many more features
Website visitors can post comments and rate content
Enterprise-grade search and filter options
Customizable HTML and CSS templates (i.e. for advanced users)

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