Newspublisher Features


Newspublisher is packed with several features and extendable with several uselful free plugins

Articles / Pages / Publishing

  • Different output formats: Web (xHTML), Mobile/PDA, Plain Text, RSS / Atom
  • Static Pages
  • Custom statuses for articles (active, pending, headline, archive)
  • Internal search engine for advanced searching of site content
  • Future / Expiring content (you can set future publishing dates)
  • Tags
  • Related articles
  • Article tools (email to a friend, print version, subscribe, etc.)
  • Social bookmarking syndication (Digg, Del.icio, and others)
  • WYSIWYG editor for adding content with custom advanced features for article body highlighting
  • Archive system for old articles
  • Preview content

Administration / General

  • Intuitive UI and drag’n’drop management
  • Minimal training required – fast learning curve
  • Easy Upgrade Manager for plug-ins and extensions
  • Visitor statistics

Search Engine Optimization

  • SE Friendly URLs
  • Custom META keywords/description tags
  • Automatic Google XML sitemap module
  • GoogleNews ready


  • Full-featured user commenting system
  • Full vBulletin, IPB and phpBB integration in comments system
  • Comment moderation
  • Anti-spam protection (CAPTCHA, bad words, flood protection, IP ban, posting by registered members only…)
  • RSS/Subscription for comments
  • Optional support for 3rd party avatars (Gravatar and similar)

User / Member Management

  • Multi-user system with unlimited roles and permissions
  • Default levels:
    • Administrator
    • Editor
    • Trusted Writer
    • Writer
  • Member groups
    • Free/Basic members
    • Paid/Premium members

Standards Compliance

  • Accessibility compliant
  • Content syndication: RSS, Atom, XML
  • xHTML
  • Mobile / PDA
  • Plain text support
  • Printer friendly support
  • Custom templates

Document and Media Management

  • Full media streaming capabilities
  • All major video formats supported
  • Podcasting
  • Uploading documents and files (.doc, .pdf, .xls, etc.)
  • Image repository for multiple usage
  • GD2 Image manipulation

Free Plug-ins available to enhace your website

  • AssetsManage and upload your documents, images, video files and other assets.
  • Banner ManagerFull Ad Server plugin for images, HTML and flash banners, as well as serving AdSense or other 3rd party textual/image ads.
  • Facebook ConnectFacebook Connect plug-in will let your visitors seamlessly “connect” their Facebook account and information with your site, find their friends who also use your site and share information and actions on your site with their friends on Facebook.
  • Feed ImporterThis plug-in allows you to pull XML/RSS feeds from another (third party) websites into specific categories of your site. Highly efficient and fast solution for populating news sites with content.
  • Image GalleryManage your article images and organize them into galleries.
  • MobileMobile / PDA plug-in allows your visitors to easily browse your website using their mobile devices, PDAs and Blackberries. Accessing your website from a mobile device will automatically redirect the visitor to a mobile optimized version just like and
  • AttachmentsMultiple attachments plug-in
  • PollLets you create and manage multiple polls within your website.
  • Video BoxStream your videos within a box.
  • SubscriptionThis plug-in will add multi-level subscription system to your Newspublisher site, allowing you to make parts of your site accessable only to paying members.
  • ReviewA review plug-in allows writers and members with the right permissions to submit reviews articles. The reviews are added to articles in three flavors: Games, Movie and Music reviews.
  • Who’s OnlineThis plug-in will output a box with a number of visiting guests and members, as well as their usernames.
  • Submit StoryThis plug-in will add an important social component to your website – user generated content.
  • ScheduleVersatile and flexible plug-in designed primarily for TV/Radio program schedule, but it can be used to schedule anything you want, such as events, cinema projections or sport matches on a sport season schedule.

Morberg Solution’s NewsPublisher ™ offers several more features that are better experienced than just talking about it. We are available to demonstrate the advanced features to you and your team when required.

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